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Welcome to my website. My name is Mary Murphy. I practice as both a Counsellor/Psychotherapist and an Interview Coach/CV Writer.

Professionally, I hold a Diploma in Humanistic & Integrative Psychotherapy, an MSc in Career Management & Counselling and a Diploma in HR Management. Please follow the relevant link: Counselling and Psychotherapy or CV Writing or Interview Coaching Preparation. My practices are from my base in Cork City centre.

Counselling & Psychotherapy

In general feelings and symptoms of dissatisfaction and pain are what prompt us to think about talking to someone. Alternatively, we might come to the realisation that the life we have is not the one we want. Sometimes we lose ourselves in pursuit of the life we think we are supposed to have but we don’t realise that has happened until we are deep into the forest. Equally life events can impact us greatly, bring us to our knees and push us into a search for relief and maybe an alternative way to live. These are some of the triggers that prompt us to seek support:

  • Lack of energy, feelings of empty, anxiety or sadness
  • Longing for how things used to be
  • Lack of confidence, aliveness, hope, direction
  • Life feels like a struggle with difficulty seeing a future
  • Difficulty in making or breaking relationships, friendships or other attachments
  • Difficulty in getting what you want in a relationship or in life
  • Lost, perhaps drained or conflicted about what you want
  • Intuitively know what you want but are struggling to manifest it in your life
  • Can’t seem to find nourishment, meaning or fulfilment

  • Does any of this resonate with you? These symptoms can be triggered and manifest at any time, sometimes following a significant life event; loss of a loved one, loss of work, home, identify, illness, faith. Or an event in the present can trigger unresolved issues from the past.

    Counselling & Psychotherapy provides a space to talk about what troubles us and can help to sustain us during the challenging times. I will listen and provide a still presence and accompaniment without interfering too much. My approach is largely humanistic and intuitive while I hold a trust in the unfolding of the person on their particular life path and experience.

    To get to know me a little better, I refer you to My Approach page.

    Decision Making Pointers
  • Firstly, please read My Approach page
  • Refer to sidebar for availability and fee structure
  • If my approach resonates, please email or telephone 083 3518131 to make an appointment

    Session Content & Structure

  • We will meet for one hour to explore what’s going on and what you might expect from counselling
  • I will outline how I work and the contractual conditions
  • We see how well we get along together
  • We agree if we want to meet again

  • CV Writing Service

    The service I offer is specifically tailored to the needs of individuals from all fields of work and at all career stages (students, graduates, experienced professionals and trades) within the private, self-employed and public sectors whether you are seeking CV Writing expertise or Interview Coaching. When it comes to CV Writing there are few absolutes as how we communicate is a reflection of our own style, preference and experience. To put is simply, a good CV is one that is easily understood by the reader, otherwise it is not effective in its communication.

    Decision Making Pointers

  • Read my CV Writing page if you wish to get a sense of my cv writing style
  • Refer to Sidebar for availability and fee structure
  • Telephone 083 3518131 or email for information or to schedule an appointment

    Session Content & Structure

  • CV Writing sessions are face to face lasting up to an hour and a half
  • You tell me your story and what you are hoping to achieve with your CV update
  • I ask questions, check and clarify my understanding of your particular working world
  • I will interpret and translate your experience into CV appropriate presentation
  • I will provide you with a CV in a format which will allow you to amend and update with ease

  • Interview Coaching & Preparation

    Focused interview preparation is particularly useful if you are feeling a bit rusty, time limited or in need of some objective input, tips, practice and techniques.

    Decision Making Pointers

  • Read Interview Preparation page for potential session content
  • Refer to Sidebar for availability and fee structure
  • Telephone 083 3518131 or email for information or to schedule an appointment
  • You send me a copy of the job description in advance (if you have one)

    Session Structure & Style

  • We arrange a Face to Face meeting lasting an hour
  • We identify what you want from the session
  • We practice answering some specific questions
  • We explore the meaning of the competencies to ensure understanding
  • We tease out the details of your experience around specific examples
  • I provide feedback and suggestions on how to provide complete answers
  • I guide in the use of the STAR technique
  • I will provide guidance notes on how to answer standard competency based interview questions

  • If you would like Counselling or Psychotherapy CV Writing or Interview Coaching help I would be happy to hear from you.


    Mary Murphy, Plunkett Chambers, 21/23 Oliver Plunkett Street, Cork
    083 3518131 email

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