Mary Murphy Career Counsellor and Psychotherapist in Cork

Mary Murphy

I offer Career Coaching & CV Writing services as well as personal Counselling & Psychotherapy in a safe, confidential and non-judgemental environment in Cork City Centre. Welcome to my website outlining the services I provide.

  • Counselling & Psychotherapy - one to one personal work and support
  • Career Coaching - space to tease out a decision dilemma or issue
  • Interview Coaching - up-skill for a competency based interview
  • CV Writing Service - putting words to your experience with a consultation and CV

  • Professionally, I hold a Diploma in Humanistic & Integrative Psychotherapy, MSc in Career Management & Counselling and a Diploma in HR Management.

    Counselling & Psychotherapy

    I work with adults experiencing Specific Issues or more general feelings of Life Dissatisfaction on an open-ended basis or for an agreed time period. I am committed to assisting and enabling you to enhance your life and to live it more fully.

    Counselling and Psychotherapy can bring relief to the emotional pain we all suffer from at different times in our lives. People seek help and support most often in response to a life problem they can’t see their way out of, or a crisis they need some relief from and help with managing. Counselling is an exploratory, slow and gentle process that takes place over weeks, months or longer.

    Specific Issues

    Overwhelming feelings and symptoms can be triggered and manifest at any time, sometimes following a significant life event or trauma while at other times they seem to come from nowhere.

  • bereavement, loss and change; grief and all aspects of loss, coping with illness (self or loved one)
  • relationship struggles, attachments and breakdown up
  • career issues; stress, relationships, bullying, redundancy
  • self harm or suicidal thoughts
  • low confidence or self esteem, isolation or loneliness
  • anxiety or depression
  • abuse (childhood, recent, current)

  • If any of this resonates with what you are experiencing counselling and psychotherapy can provide a space to be heard, to process and integrate your experience and of support. Return to top of page.

    General Life Dissatisfaction

    Dissatisfaction can arise when we struggle with knowing what we want or struggle in getting what we want. It might seem sometimes that life is passing us by while others are having fun and that they actually seem to have it all while we have very little.

  • Maybe life has not turned out as you hoped or believed it would
  • Feelings of loss and sadness without being able to point to something specific
  • Lack of zest for life or a longing for something but can’t seem to find it
  • Life just feels like a constant struggle
  • Difficulty in making or breaking relationships, friendships or other attachments
  • Feeling lost and alone in your life
  • Difficulty motivating self and battling with feeling of defeatedness
  • Can’t seem to find nourishment, meaning or fulfilment
  • Return to top of page.

    Career Coaching

    Career Coaching is a facilitated space rather than directional advice giving. The coaching space is intended to provide an opportunity to tease out and clarify your position in relation to an issue or a decision dilemma. It provides:

  • An objective sounding board
  • Space to tease out issues, thoughts, feelings and ideas
  • Consider your strategy in addressing a problem, change or vision
  • Consider your options in relation to an issue or dilemma e.g. organisational change
  • Consider how you can influence others

  • We can get caught up in managing the demands of others, including the organisation we work for and let our own values, needs, feelings and ideas slide in the process. Career Coaching provides a space to attend to those individual needs either as a one-off, a few or intermittent sessions. Return to top of page.

    Interview Coaching

    Focused interview preparation with one to one coaching and training is particularly useful if you are feeling a bit rusty, time limited or in need of some objective input, tips, practice and techniques.

    As an interview coach my job is to help you tease out the information – evidence – that would help you demonstrate your abilities in response to competency based interview questions and present your answers in a clear, relevant and engaging way.

    How does it work?

  • You send me a copy of the job description in advance (if you have one)
  • We meet face to face for one hour and identify what you want from the session
  • We explore the meaning of competencies, tease out examples, use STAR technique and feedback

    Read my Interview Coaching Page if you wish to get a sense of my what's involved.

    I will provide guidance notes on how to prepare for and answer standard competency based interview questions. Return to top of page.

  • CV Writing Service

    I provide a professional CV Writing service tailored to the needs of individuals at all career stages, whether you are beginning your career, changing jobs, changing field of work, returning to work, been in consistent employment, self employment or intermittent work. Categories/Roles I write CVs for include:

  • Senior Managers, Executives and Directors - all fields, all sectors
  • Managers and Professionals - all fields, all sectors
  • Operatives and entry level positions - all sectors
  • School Leavers, Undergraduates and Post Graduates

    A good resume tells the story of your career, highlighting the themes and consistencies of your experience even if you have done a range of what appear to be unrelated jobs. Your abilities, competencies, experience, expertise, attitudes, skills and unique characteristics need to be clear to the reader so that she/he can get a sense of what you can bring to their organisation based on your experience to date.

    How does it work?
  • A Face to Face CV Writing session lasting up to an hour and a half
  • I will gather information and translate your experience into a professional CV
  • You will have your CV sent by email in a format that can be easily updated

    Read my CV Writing page if you wish to get a sense of my CV writing style.

    All services are offered on a confidential basis in a comfortable setting city centre location. My practice is in central Cork, close to the GPO and opposite The Oliver Plunkett Bar on Oliver Plunkett Street. Although my room is in the city centre, it is a private, quite space on the top floor of a large building with lots of other businesses and services.

    You are welcome to contact me in confidence about your needs in relation to Career or Interview Coaching, Counselling & Psychotherapy and CV Writing. Return to top of page.

    Mary Murphy, Plunkett Chambers, 21/23 Oliver Plunkett Street, Cork
    083 3518131 Email

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