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About Me

Like many others I did not start out in life knowing what I wanted to do. I left school at the age of eighteen with my leaving certificate and a secretarial course behind me. At that time all I knew was that I wanted to work in an office. Fortunately for me my first job in Dublin was with a large organisation which meant that I could transfer to different departments and taste what was on offer. I did a stint in HR and although I was a lowly filing clerk it gave me exposure to what was involved and I discovered my interest somewhat by chance.

New Beginnings

I loved Dublin but at the time there weren't a lot of opportunities to progress and I set my sights on London. There I was lucky. I got a job with Pricewaterhouse Coopers as an HR Administrator and that experience copper fastened my interest in HR. Within a year I began a diploma in HRM and I truly felt that I had landed on my feet. For a number of years I absolutely loved my work but it didn’t last. It was time to change again but I wasn't sure what I wanted to change.

The thread

To try and discover what I wanted to do I followed the thread of what I knew to be true in order to try to identify what the next step might be. I did some introductory courses in counselling, coaching and mentoring until I finally decided on an MSc in Career Management & Counselling at the University of London and later found myself working as a Career Consultant for a small firm in London before returning to Ireland in 2005.

Counselling & Psychotherapy Training

Shortly after returning to Ireland I decided to delve a little deeper and I began my training with the Flatstone Institute, a small organisation based in Cork. I chose them because of how they structure the training with an emphasis on experiential learning and personal development. It's how I learn best because I understanding the meaning and complexity of life issues through my own internal response rather than academic learning. The other primary focus of that training is on working from a relational perspective with clients. It was less about the tools and more about the heart!

My Approach

As an Interview Coach I bring my experience from the various working roles to tease out the evidence of your experience to help you answer competency based questions in a clear, simple form.

As a CV Writer I listen and facilitate the conversation to gain an understanding of what’s important and get a sense of the person as well as career history so that I can refine and translate that information into a targeted CV.

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life"? Mary Oliver

 About Me . Scallop Green

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