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“Don't let the noise of others' opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.” Steve Jobs

Career Guidance Counselling Programme

The programme I offer is designed to help you identify what you really want before you embark on the next step. It is built on the belief that self-knowledge and self-awareness are the most important guiding forces when it comes to finding a satisfying career direction.

It is structured over 4 to 6 one-hour sessions, ideally weekly, with homework between sessions. Although structured and professional, the programme is relaxed, open and personal. My interest is not just in helping you find a change or a direction but to meet you as the individual you really are.

To Begin

The first session is both an introduction to each other and to the process. Typically, we will talk about what’s happening NOW:

  • your current job/situation and how you feel
  • limitations and constraints around change
  • explore what is you do and do not want based on your experience so far
  • reflect on decisions, motivations, experiences and influences
  • identify themes and insights

  • At the end of the first session I will provide a workbook of exercises to complete which will form the basis for discussion in further sessions.


    Whether we are conscious of our values or not they are what guide us in life and career. When our values are not being met whether in the work environment or in the intrinsic nature of the job, it is our inner guidance (intuition/feelings) that lets us know that something is wrong, although often we try to override our own knowing.


    Sometimes we lose sight of what we are good at because we take our natural abilities for granted. They come so easily to us that we might not register them as skills/abilities at all. Through exploratory discussion we can bring clarity and awareness to your primary skills, focusing on what you enjoy as well as what you are good at.


    We explore and discuss from real, actual, specific experiences what it is that gives you a sense of achievement. Being clear and specific about what gives you a sense of achievement means that you are in a better position to communicate effectively what you can bring to your work both on your CV and at interview. Perhaps more important than that the inner experience of talking about a particular event gives a confidence boost as often we don’t allow ourselves the opportunity to indulge (in a good way) in our own recognition of what makes us feel good. And of course, we want to experience more of what makes us feel good!

    Interests, Themes & Next Step

    We will talk about your interests and identify any emerging themes from previous sessions. Themes can indicate broadly the type of work and setting that is most likely to be satisfying, while they also identify the psychological barriers that may be holding you back. In the final session we review and summarise what we have learned, explore ideas and options based on what we know and concretise the next step.

    The programme outline is offered as a guide to what we can cover while in reality the content will depend on your individual needs.

    My Role

    Throughout the programme my role is to facilitate the process, adding suggestion, feedback, advice and my intuitive guidance as it occurs to me without imposing my will on you.

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